Atom Economy and Percentage Yield

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  • Atom Economy & Percentage Yield
    • Atom Economy
      • It's defined as 'the proportion of reactants that are converted into useful products'
      • (molecular mass of desired product/sum of molecular masses of all products)x100
      • Processes with high atom economy are more efficient and produce less waste
        • This is important for sustainable development
      • You can have a higher atom economy by...
        • Finding a use for the other products
        • If possible, do an addition reaction because the molecules add together to form the desired product
    • Percentage Yield
      • It's defined as 'the actual amount in moles of the product shown as a percentage of the expected yield in moles'
      • % yield=(actual amount of product in moles/theoretical amount of product in moles)x100
      • You can use ratios to work out the theoretical amount


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