Atmospheric Layers





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  • Atmospheric Layers
    • Troposphere
      • Extends from the Earth's surface to about 12km on average
      • Temperature decreases with altitude
        • The surface warms the Troposphere
        • Further from surface, cooler it gets
      • Turbulance as warm air rises and cool air sinks
      • Lots of clouds as water vapour evaporated from Earth's surface
      • Tropopause is boundary between Tropo and Strato
    • Stratosphere
      • Extends from around 12km to 50km up
      • Temperature increases with altitude
        • Ozone layer found in lower stratosphere
        • UV absorbed in lower strato warms upper
      • Not turbulent as not many clouds
      • Stratopause is boundary between strato and meso
    • Mesosphere
      • Extends froom around 50km to 85-90km up
      • Temperature decreases with altitude
        • Lower Mesosphere warmed by upper strato
        • Further away from stratosphere cooler it gets
      • Mesopause is boundary between Meso and Thermo
    • Thermosphere
      • Extendes from 85-90km to around 1000km up
      • Temperature increases with altitude
        • Small amounts of Oxygen absorb UV radiation
    • Air pressure decreases with altitude through the atmosphere


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