Atmospheric circulation

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  • Atmospheric circulation
    • three types of air cells
      • Hadley cell
        • cold, high altitude air sinks (rain)
      • Ferrell cell
        • polar air and subtropical air mixes and the subtropical air rises
      • polar cell
        • cold dense air sinks (rain)
    • air it hotter at the equator
      • the suns radiation is more concentrated at the equator because it is hitting a smaller area.
    • it is cooler at the 60 degree latitude
      • the sun is heating up a larger area so the heat is more spread out, this means it is cooler there.
    • order of events
      • 1. hot air rises from the equator
      • 2. as the hot air rises, it cools, condenses and sinks and this is known as the Hadley cell.
      • 3. some of the polar air continues to rise and mixes with the subtropical air, this is known as the Ferrell cell.
      • 4. The subtropical air continues to rise before cooling, condensing and sinking. This is know as the polar cell.


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