The reaction of Carbon Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide in the atmosphere

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  • Atmosphere
    • Sulphur dioxide
      • Toxic gas with a bad smell
        • Acid rain
          • Limestone power
      • Symbol: SO2
      • Produced when fuels that contain sulphur compounds burn
        • When it dissolves in water droplets in clouds it causes acid rain
        • The sulphur dioxide can be removed from waste products
          • Add powdered limestone to the sulphur dioxide to form calcium sulphate
    • Carbon dioxide
      • 0.04% in the atmosphere
        • Greenhouse gases
          • The primary greenhouse gases in the Earths atmosphere are water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone
        • Symbol: CO2
          • Fossil fuels
            • Burning fossil fuels is adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere faster than it can be removed
      • Global warminig
        • The oceans are becoming more acidic as they dissolve the carbon dioxide
    • Nitrogen
      • 78% in the atmosphere
        • Symbol: N
        • Nitrogen Doixide
          • Air pollution is caused by vehicles and energy production
            • Too much exposure can causes allergic reactions
      • Dilutes oxygen and prevents rapid  burning at the earths surface
        • Living things use nitrogen to make proteins
    • Pollution
      • When a bad or harmful substance enters the environment
      • Air pollution
        • Comes from vehicles, forest fires and building construction and demolition
      • Noise pollution
        • Caused by airplanes, cars and manufacturing plants
        • Radioactive pollution
          • Caused by nuclear power plant accidents and uranium mining operations


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