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  • Atherosclersis
    • The lining of arteries contains smooth endothelium which is very easily damaged
      • Once damagedcholesterol builds up in the lining of the artery, narrowing the lumen.
        • This restricts the flow of blood, preventing glucose and oxygen arriving to the heart and other places.
          • This can causes strokes, heart attacks etc...
    • Arteries can also be damaged by Hypertension
      • Hypertension can be genetic but is otherwise the result of having a high salt content in the diet.
        • This lowers the water potential of blood, so more water is held in it causing higher pressure
    • HDLs carry cholesterol from the tissues back to the liver
      • This is why HDLs are thought of as 'good' cholesterol
        • HDLs or LDLs can be consumed in the diet
          • However, eating more unsaturated fats stimulates the production of HDLs.
    • LDLs carry cholesterol from the liver to the tissues
      • A high ratio of LDLS:HDLS makes it you more likely to have a heart attack, stroke etc...
        • Eating more saturated fats stimulates the production of LDLs
    • Being obese (BMI over 25) can also mean you are more likely to suffer from diseases like, diabetes, high blood pressure etc..
      • Damaged arteries can be removed and replaced with metal or rubber tubing.


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