What is Atheism?

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  • Atheism
    • Atheism means without/no God
    • Strong and weak atheism
      • Weak Atheism is the absence of belief of the existance of God.
      • Strong Atheism is a belief in which God doensn't exist at all.
    • In western culture atheists are assumed to have no religious or spiritual beliefs
      • These beleifs deny a creator which is God.
      • Buddhism, Hiduism and rationalism would describe themselves as atheists.
    • Basis of Atheism
      • The view that there is no such being to whom the description 'God' can be given.
        • E.g. Logical positivists held that since 'God' is a metaphysical term therefore it is meaningless
      • All apparent experiences of God can be accounted for in other ways
        • Samuel Butler 'Theist and atheist - the fight between them is as whether God shall be called God or have some other name'
      • Loss of faith, unanswered prayer, false teachers and bad experiences of religion.
    • The burden of proof
      • The facotr which contribute to the basis of Atheism, in themselves, don't prove anything.  they are literally reasons for non belief.
        • Many Atheists believe that the position that the burden of proof lies with the theist to prove that, despite the lack of evidence in support of God's exiostence and the wealth of evidence which appears to count against it, God exists.
    • Agnosticism
      • This holds that it is possible to know whether God exists, or to know his nature.
      • The Agnostic claims to be open to the possibility of knowledge leading to belief rather than non-belief, but may not be able to say what it would take for them to do so.


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