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  • Atheism
    • God on trial
      • Children should learn about religion, not have it forced upon them.
      • Faith schools damage social cohesion
      • Faiths do not teach us to 'respect people for their religion', they teach us that 'we are right, they are wrong but they do not know about it now, they will when they die.'
      • Religious education should be seperate to the view of the school.
      • Do religious values teach principles of right and wrong?
      • Are religious principles sometimes immoral?
    • Naturalism
      • A belief that the supernatural is unknown.
      • Supernatural explanations undermine scientific investigations
      • We can only gain knowledge by looking at the observable.
      • Naturalists would explain something without referring to God.
        • They may conclude that religion exists because it has certain functions in society, and not because it is based on truth.
    • Materialism
      • Only matter has any real existence
        • Human beings are nothing more than matter; our emotions, wishes, dreams are all results of chemical changes in the brain.
      • Materialsits would claim that there is not God it is an example of these chemical reactions
    • Hitchens
      • Athieists can never disprove God, it goes against the very nature of what they are trying to do if they can disprove God.
      • It seems illogical to believe that the complete story of Jesus is true.
    • Modern critiques of religion
      • Dawkins
        • Religious believers are not necessary.
        • 'Faith is the greatest cop out, the great excuse to evade the need to think an evaluate evidence.'
        • "Religion is... an indulgence of irrationality that is nourishing extremeism and terror."
        • Criticisms of Dawkins
          • He only approaches extremists
          • He is an atheists fundamentalist
          • He has a strong reliance on science
      • Marx
        • God did not create man in his image; man created God in its image.
        • religion is also the 'universal ground for consolation' and the 'opium of the people.'
        • Religion must be abolished as the illusory happiness of people so that a true happiness of people so that a true happiness can be realised. Men will then control society snf thus not be controlled by it.
        • Criticisms of Marx
          • Liberation theology - gives strength to the opressed, following Christian teaching about concern for the poor.
          • The Early Church - struggled agaisnt adversity and became eventually the religion of the Roman Empire.
  • The Early Church - struggled agaisnt adversity and became eventually the religion of the Roman Empire.
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