TWE is the UK suffering from a participation crisis

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  • Declining Turnout figures for General Elections
    • 2001, 59% (the lowest since 1918).
    • 1945-92 had an average turnout figure of 75% but this is no longer taking place.
    • TWE is the UK sufferring from a participation crisis?
      • Membership of smaller parties
        • Membership of smaller parties has risen significantly.
        • UKIP= 42,000
        • Although not voting in GE, there is other evidence to suggest that there is participation.
          • 320,000 signatires were recewived on a pettion that called for the ending of the so called' tampon tax'.
    • Turnout rose to 66% in 2015 but this was still well below the previous averages.
  • Membership of Pressure Groups has risen
    • Indicator for participation.
    • The RSPCA has over a million mmebers alone (more than all political parties put together,


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