Assertive Community Therapy as a Treatment for Schizophrenia

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  • Assertive Community Therapy as a Treatment for Schizophrenia
    • Description
      • Psychosocial Treatment - 'Care in the Community'
      • Helps schizophrenic patients set and meet personal goals, make friends and live independantly
      • Developed in the 'Madison Project'
      • Focuses on those who need the most help in recovery, independance and rehabilitation to avoid homelessness and re-hospitalisation
      • Treatment happens in the real settings of the patient
      • Invoves the help of many professionals like social workers, psychiatrists and nurses
      • As much time as needed is spent with the patient so they can be rehabilitated in lots of different disciplines
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • Bond et al (2001) found that ACT was very effeective as 25 controlled studies were investigated, the programme prevented rehospitalisations and it increases the stability and the quality of life for the patients
        • Mueser et al (1998) used surveys to find out that ACT works with all age groups, different genders and in different cultures
        • Takes into account social factors, focuses on ethnicity, class, environment and problems with living, there is more focus on prevention
      • Weaknesses
        • Gregory (2001) suggested that the treatment desn't allow patients to have a choice about undergoing it and what it involves, it removes their agency
        • could be problems with oractical factors like funding and the number of doctors and professionals and other staff availablt to run the programme
        • there could be a too high patient/staff ratio, which means there is the chance for errors to occur if patients get neglected or wrongly assessed as there won't be enough staff to cope with demand
        • it doesn't often be combined with an employment service, so it can' t help patients get a job
        • there is transport difficulties if the patients live far away from the central office, so help takes a long time to arrive if they need it


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