Aspects of love in Othello

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  • Aspects of love in Othello
    • Romantic love
      • 'She loved me for the dangers I had passed and I loved that she did pity them'.
      • 'My life upon her faith.'
      • 'I saw Othello's visage in his mind.'
      • 'Lay on my bed my wedding sheets'.
    • Sex and love
      • 'Your hand is moist, my lady'.
      • 'An old black ram is tupping your white ewe'
      • 'lay on my bed my wedding sheets'.
      • 'who would not make their husband a cuckold to make him a monarch?'
    • Power and control
      • '[He strikes her]'
      • 'I won his daughter'.
      • 'How got she out?'
      • 'I will kill thee and love thee after.'
    • Loss of love
      • 'Chuck.'
      • 'Whore'
      • 'strangle her in her bed'.
      • 'let her down the wind to prey at fortune'.
    • Trust and honesty
      • 'My life upon her faith'.
      • 'Honest Iago'.
      • 'A guiltless death I die'.
      • 'Speak of me as I am'.
    • Forbidden love
      • 'How got she out?'
      • 'Thou hast enchanted her'.
      • 'I am glad...I have no other child.'


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