Inheritance and Selection

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  • Asexual Reproduction only needs 1 organism
    • For example: Plant-           A simple singled-celled animal called an Amoeba, can divide to produce new GENETICALLY-IDENTICAL offspring. The offspring have the same genes as the parent.
    • Asexual Reproduction and Variation
      • Cloning
        • Clones are GENETICALLY-IDENTICAL individuals
          • For example:     Twins are formed when an EMBRYO splits into 2. They are relatively rare, but are a natural event.
            • Twins Process:
              • Fertilisation
                • Cell division
                  • Splitting of the embryo into 2 which hare Genetically-identical [CLONING]
      • Artificial Cloning
        • Plant-            A simple method called CUTTINGS
    • For example:    Animal- Spider Plant


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