Asch 1955

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  • Asch (1955)
    • Aims/context
      • Conformitiy is a change in someones behaviouras a result of real or imagined pressure
      • Asch aimed to investigate the effects of group pressure on a person when answering an unambigouous question
      • Sherif (1935) also did a similar study in which people were required to answer a question in an ambigous situation based on the autokinetic effect, a visual illusion
        • Sherif tested aprticipants individually but were exposed to the answers of two other participants. The participants answer was similar to the answers given by the other two people.
        • Participants were asked to say how mucha light from a projector moved although it did not actually move.
    • Procedures
      • A group of seven to nine students from 4 nearby colleges informed that they would be taking part in a study about visual judgement.
      • Participants are asked to compare lines. A standard line is shown along with various other lines. They are asked to give which line is most similar to the standard line
      • 18 tests in total of which 12 are critical and and the correct answer was given in the other 6 to gain the participants trust
      • The naive participant is always sat in the second to last seat to ensure the majority of people give answers first
    • Untitled
      • Participants conformed and average of 36.8% of the time
      • 24% of participants answered independently on all questions
      • 75% of people conformed at least once


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