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  • Asch
    • A laboratory experiment was used
      • The participants included 50 male students
      • 18 trials were conducted
        • In 12 confederates give the wrong answer
      • Participants were asked to participate in a 'vision test'
        • Using line judgement tasks, a naive participant was put in a room with 7 confederates
          • The naive participant always gave their answer last
          • Confederates agreed in advance on the answers they would be giving
          • Each person had to state which line (A, B or C) was like the target line. The answer was always obvious
    • Easily Replicatable
    • Asch conducted an experiment to investigate the extent to which social pressure from a majority group could affect a person to conform
    • A control condition was used where there was no confederates
    • It was an artificial situation
    • Controlled conditions were used
    • Child of its time
    • Not generalisable as only male students used
    • It was found that 36.8% conformed
      • 75% conformed at least once
      • 25% never conformed
      • 5% always conformed
    • It was concluded that there are 2 reasons for conformity
      • Fitting in with the group (Normative)
      • Believing the group have the correct answers (Informative)


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