AS Situation Ethics 

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  • AS Situation Ethics
    • Four Working Principles
      • Positivism- it must put faith before reasoning- i'm a Christian, so what should i do?
      • Personalism - people should be at the centre of the theory
      • Pragmatism-  it has to work in daily life- it must be pratical
      • Relativism- there should be no fixed rules
    • Six Fundamental Principles
      • Christian decision making is based on love
      • love is the only absolute
      • Justice  is love distributed
      • love wants the good for anyone, whoever they are
      • only the end justifies the means
      • love is acted out situationally not prescriptivally
    • Advantages
      • it's easy to understand
      • it is flexible: it give freedom to act differently from another
      • it enables an emotional and rational responce to any situation
      • it is based on love
    • Disadvantages
      • the absolute law of love is still a law
      • there is a danger that it will lead to moral ambiguity
      • it tends to sub divide complex moral situation into individual moral decision where the law of love must be applied


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