AS Plc

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  • AS Plc
    • Manufacturing business making expensive sports cars.
      • Located in Bowton  an area in need of regeneration.
    • Sales rose in UK but more in BRIC countries
      • BRIC= Brazil, Russia, India and China
      • UK economy was suffering slow growth in 2011 due to recession
    • The EU benefit from lower prices as they don't have to pay import prices like China does
    • China exchange rate too low, should be £1=5 Yuan rather than £1=10 Yuan
    • Engines from UK
      • Tyres from Italy
      • Headlamps from Mexico
      • Leather seats from spain
      • Wheels from Taiwan
      • Radiators from Germany
      • Body panel from china
    • Number of other producers AS plc could get products from- May cause competition.
    • Guarantee of delivery is important as use Just In Time(JIT) production
    • Disc brakes are UNIQUE only one firm make them


Tharshan Thavaharan


Yeah cheers for that. Made it easier for me to fully understand it.

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