Artificial Ventilators

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  • Artificial Ventilators
      • The movement of air into and out of the lungs
    • Help people to breathe, who can't breathe by themselves
    • Ventilators are machines that move air into and out of the lungs
    • People struggle to breathe
      • Tubes leading to lungs narrow so less air gets through
      • Structure of alveoli can break down
      • Accident or disease
    • The Iron Lung - Negative Pressure
      • Giant case neck to abdomen
      • Air pumped out of gas, pressure dropped, lungs expanded so air drawn into lungs
    • Modern version 'shell'
      • Mini cylinder fits around chest - easier for patient to use
      • Used mostly by the paralysed
    • Positive pressure breathing
      • Forces a carefully measured 'breath' of air into lungs
      • Once lungs inflated, air pressure stops
      • Lungs deflate, ribs move down, force air back out lungs
      • ADV = equipment can be used at home, patients have control over machine, can link to computer systems - manage own breathing
      • DIS = can occasionally cause damage (burst alveoli) if lungs can't cope with artificial air flow




Really good summary- helped me a lot- thanks!

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