Artificial Intelligence - Animal talk

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  • Artificial Intelligence
    • man
      • turing
        • scenario
          • humans would have conversations remotely through computers
            • however, we could then replace some humans with computers and test whether their human dialogue partner would notice the difference
              • if not - computer is intelligent
        • CRITICISM
          • computer lacks experience
          • are there any aspects of human cognitive capabilities?
          • computers can't change, humans can
          • linguistic ambiguity in intelligence
          • appaearance of intelligence
      • Searle
        • closed room with a door and a hatch
          • receive messages in Chinese characters but you have no knowledge of Chinese
            • book with combinations of characters to use in response to each message
              • you do not need to understand to mimic
        • CRITICISM
          • not focus on the system - it can actually understand chinese
          • chinese is a possibility if studied in the world beyond the room
          • rationality - many different options in order to answer
    • Animal
      • Descartes
        • humans evolved from animals
        • animals do not talk
        • humans use the language - one of the two features which distinguish people from machines or beasts
        • animals do not use language - they do not have reason and they just make sounds
          • this would not make them able to speak
        • CRITICISM
          • Nagel - how it is like to be a bat?
          • if we evolved from animals, then they should have a principle of what we have
            • it depends on the meaning that you give to the word language
      • Chomsky
        • animals can talk
          • human brains are a specialised language organ
            • pre - linguistic ability to use language
          • we are structured to speak languages
            • experience can help us to understand our language and to speak it (posteriori approach)
          • loss of ability in using language - use of signs and sounds
          • words are not enough for prescribing a language
            • structures such as indication and predication
            • words do not constitute language but are a part of a linguistic structure
        • CRITICISM
          • human brains are different from animal ones
          • how did chimpz lost their voices? apply to all the animals?
          • meaning that you give to the word language


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