Artificial hearts

Mind map of advantages and disadvantages of using a artificial heart. Lots more examples than needed for exams !

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  • Artificial hearts
    • Advantages
      • Available for use when a donor isn’t available
      • Improves quality of life
      • Extends life span
      • Don’t require tissue matching
      • Body can’t reject the ‘organ’
    • Disadvantages
      • Risk of blood clotting
      • Risk of infection from open wounds
      • Expensive
      • Discomfort from heart/battery/controller
      • Requires surgery
      • Require power supply
      • Heart not as reliable - motor could fail
      • Battery needs replacing
      • Require immunosuppressants for rest of life
        • Patient could forget to take them
          • White blood cells start attacking it
      • Low success rate
      • Long stays in hospital


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