Arthur Kipps

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  • Arthur Kipps
    • Hardworking
      • "I had risen to become a full partner in the firm of lawyers."
    • Uncreative
      • "I had never been an imaginative or fanciful man."
    • Easily contented
      • "anticipating nothing more than a pipe and a glass of good malt whiskey"
    • Insular
      • "I had no taste at all for social life."
    • Secretive
      • "A story for my eyes only"
    • Religious
      • "For an answer to my prayer"
    • Sombre
      • "A widower for twelve years"
    • Indecisive
      • "My indecisive nature"
    • Isolated
      • "I hesitated..."
    • Fragile
      • "an infection"
    • Practical
      • He approves of Isobel's "Practical" and "sensible" manner.


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