Arthur Birling - An Inspector Calls

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  • Arthur Birling
    • Act 3
      • "I'd a special reason for not wanting any public scandal"
        • More evidence of his selfishness - not only did he not care about Eva - but calls it a "scandal" which threatens his chances of being knighted.
        • Reminding everyone of his chances of being knighted - maybe to make everyone aware of his public position
      • "you'll have a good laugh over it yet"
        • Feeling that there isn't any danger to his knighthood, Arthur advises Sheila to "laugh" it off.
        • As long as it doesn't harm him, he sees the whole thing as a joke.
    • Act 1
      • "unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable" + "the Germans don't want war"
        • Priestley makes Arthur look foolish - as the audience knows what really happened.
        • Making Arthur look like an ignorant man - and also to an extent capitalism.
      • "a man has to make his own way - has to look after himself"
        • An advice given to Gerald and Eric, it reveals a selfish attitude - using words like "his own" and "himself".
        • Seems like Arthur wants all men to be like this, teaching it to his son and future son-in-law.
    • Act 2
      • "I must say, Sybil, that when this comes out at the inquest, it isn't going to do us much good"
        • Shows his selfish behaviour with him being knighted threatened by the events that is taking place.
      • "Now, must understand that a lot of young men.."
        • He is trying to keep Sheila and Gerald together - he is desperate to be joined with the Crofts.
        • "you must understand" is a command, his family's (or his) position in society is more important that his daughter's opinion.


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