Mr Birling character plan

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  • Arthur Birling Key Quotes
    • rather provincial in his speech
      • rom a lower class background, now middle class and prejudiced against working class
    • means a tremendous lot to me
      • obsessed with money and business and his own social standing. He is only thinking about the benefits of Sheila marrying Gerald for him.
    • Lower costs, higher prices
      • cruel, profiteering & ruthless
    • absolutely unsinkable
      • Priestly portrays him as an arrogant, brash and idiotic character on purpose
    • isn’t a chance of war
      • the audience would have lost friends and family in both wars
    • Knighthood
      • move him up a small notch in the social hierarchy of Brumley society
    • seem to be a nice well-behaved family
      • smug as what they do not realise is how true this is, hidden secrets
    • man has to make his own way
      • selfish capitalist philosophy
    • Cranks
      • Socialist thinkers are ridiculed by Birling for wanting to help the weakest in society
    • Bees in a hive-community and all that nonsense
      • Birling and Inspector diametrically set up having opposite perceptions
    • I refused, of course
      • selfish, thinks his actions are justified
    • yes, yes horrid business
      • doesn’t care about working class.
    • How do you get on with our Chief constable, Colonel Roberts?
      • attempt to threaten the inspector
    • You’re the one I blame for this
      • hasn’t learnt his lesson, or changed. Refuses any responsibility
    • I was certain for a knighthood
      • only concerned about himself


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