How Mountains/Deserts are portrayed by the Media

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  • Art
    • Mountains
      • Film
        • Vertical Limit
          • About a team of climbers climbing K2 in the Himalayas
            • The climbers really began to suffer once they reached the "death zone" (8000m or 26,000ft)
            • There was also an avalanche  and they were trapped in a cavern
      • Book (Non-fiction)
        • Touching The Void
          • Two professional climbers try to reach the summit of Suila Grande (Andes mountain) in Peru
            • However, one of the climbers (Joe Simpson) fell in a crevasse and broke several bones of his body
      • Poem
        • "Andes Secret"
          • Makes the Andes seem like a place that is so "cold" it is "hell" for men
            • Man is powerless in the Andes
      • Painting
        • "The heart of the Andes"
          • Portrays the Andes as unspoilt by man and as a beautiful place
    • Deserts
      • TV Documentaries
        • Born Survivor by Bear Grylls
        • Sahara by Michael Palin
          • Challenging place for humans to survive
            • Born Survivor by Bear Grylls
      • Films
        • Star Wars
          • Like another planet
        • The Mummy
          • Mysterious, fantasy and magical
        • The English Patient
          • Isolated, dangerous
      • Art
        • Aboriginal Art
          • Spiritual
        • David Hockney
          • Spoilt by humans
      • Poetry/Literature
        • Shelley (Poetry)
          • Ancient places
        • Travel Diary by Thesiger (Literature)
          • Extreme, dangerous and challenging


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