arriving at Carthage book 1

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  • arriving at Carthage book 1
    • Jupiter softens the Carthaginian hearts
      • make sue they welcome the trojans
    • Aeneas sets out to explore libya
      • he makes sure his men are camoflaged
    • he meets his mother who is disguised as a Spartan girl
    • the huntress tells Aeneas where he is
      • Aeneas is at Carthage which belongs to Libyans
      • the queen did took refugee here
      • she wanted to escape her brother king of tyre
      • her brother pygmalion  killed her husband sychaeus
        • because he was mad for power and sychaeus was extremely wealthy
        • he killed him at an alter before the gods
    • sychaeus appeared to dido in her dream
      • informing  her of what her father did
      • telling her to flee
      • he tells her where alot of gold and silver treasure is
      • she takes her friends and they flee to Libya
      • they buy the land with the gold


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