Arria the elder

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  • Arria the elder
    • written by pliny
      • 1st century AD
      • Telling Arria's story to nepos
        • he thinks her bravery and devotion to her husband makes her an example for others
      • Fully aware that these letters will be published
      • Pliny is friends with the family
        • Arria he younger did not do the same but was condemned in 66AD and has to flee to domain but came back after her husbands death and became friends with pliny
        • Arria the elder's granddaughter fannia told him many new things to Arrias story
    • Arria the elder's son and husband were mortally ill
      • her dead son who they loved very much due to his great beauty and modesty died
      • Arria did not want to tell her son out of the fear that it would make him worse
      • so she stayed strong and organised the funeral by herself and pretended that their son was alive and well
    • her husband was being killed for being involved with the rising against Claudius
      • he didn't want them to kill him so he commited suicide
        • Arria had already decided that she couldn't go one living while her husband wasn't
        • Arria plunged the dagger into her breast and said 'it doesn't hurt'
          • noble, strong, devoted, caring
    • When scribonianus the leader of the uprising was killed Paetus was brought to Rome as a prisoner
      • she begged to go with him as his maid
      • when this was denied she followed in a tiny fishing boat
    • at the prosecution she sees scribonianus' wife who is giving evidence against her husband so she will not be punished
      • Arria cant understand why she would still want to be alive
      • a contrasting character as she is disloyal
    • her family try and persade her not to go through with it
      • thrasea asks her if he would want aria the younger to die with him
        • she thinks if they had lived and long and as happily as she had with Paetus then she would want that
      • she bangs her head against the wall and knocks her elf out
        • she tells them she will do it the hard way if they don't let her do it the easy way
    • females might not have positions of political power but they do have influence over there husbands


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