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  • Arrays
    • Data values
      • Arrays are used to store multiple data values
      • It is a data structure that can store a collection of data values under one name
      • Each piece of data in an array is called an element
      • Most helpful when you have lots of related data
      • Some languages require you to declare arrays
    • One dimensional
      • A lot like lists
      • Creating arrays
        • the first line pf the code creates the array
      • Retrieving elements
        • Name the array and the elements position. It starts from 0
      • Changing elements
        • By reassigning the array position to a different data value
    • Two dimensional
      • A lot like a list of lists
      • Positions are written as [a,b] or [a][b]
        • a represents the position of the one dimensional list
        • b represents its position within the list


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