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  • Arousal
    • Catastrophe theory
      • As arousal increases so does performance
      • If cognitive arousal increases too much performance drops
        • The player can then-
          • Carry on decreasing
          • Regain composure and increase performance
    • Cue utilisation theory
      • Based off the information we take in
      • When under aroused
        • Perceptual field is too wide = too much info taken in
      • Optimum arousal
        • Perceptual field is just right
      • Over aroused
        • Perceptual field narrows too far = not enough info taken in
    • Drive theory
      • Relationship between arousal and performance is linear
        • As arousal increases so does performance
        • The more learned the better performance at high arousal
      • Positives
        • Easy to understand
        • Works for elite performers
      • Negatives
        • Too simplistic- over arousal?
        • Not accurate for cognitive performers
    • Inverted U-theory
      • As arousal increases so does performance
        • Up to an optimum point
          • Past which performance decreases
      • If arousal is too high performer is rash/ poor decision making
      • If under aroused not mentally prepared
      • Moderate arousal = best performance
      • Alternative- double inverted U theory
        • Lower inverted U
          • Fine, complex, introvert, cognitive
        • Higher inverted U
          • Gross, simple, extrovert, autonomous


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