Arnold Schoenberg ~ Peripetie from Five Orchestral Pieces, 1909. 

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  • Arnold Schoenberg ~ Peripetie from Five Orchestral Pieces, 1909.
    • Structure
      • Five sections.
      • In rondo form, returning 'A' sections developed so hardly recognisable as statements of a theme.
        • Being more a return of a particular mood or orchestral sound rather than repeated recognisable themes.
      • Not a rondo in same way as Classical and Baroque eras.
    • Texture
      • Section A
        • Brass dominate the texture until bar 8.
        • Instrumental combinations drop in and out in quick succession with homophonic bursts.
      • Section B
        • The soft violin and cello part are all but inaudible. they add to the texture and effect. POLYPHONIC.
      • Section C
        • The first half the texture is sparse, Schoenberg overlaps combinations of solo instruments.
    • Melody
      • Section A
        • Clarinet melody in bar 10 beat 2 is expressive and almost gentle, very angular.
      • Section B
        • Bars 24-28  bounces rapidly from one brass instrument to another, demonstrating the klangfarbenmelodie idea.
      • Made up of many shor4t fragmented motifs combined in different ways to create interest.
    • Dynamics
      • Section A
        • Piece begins loudly, becomes louder with sudden bursts from instruments. Trumpets and trombones are muted.
      • Section B
        • Begins quietly, immediate crescendo.
        • Dynamics changed dramatically and frequently in this section.
      • Section C
        • Beginning of final section marked up to original tempo.
        • Range from pp with individual instruments rising above the other with individual crescendos.
      • Section A"
        • Quick crescendos. Immediately dies away to nothing with the tremolo double bass chord.
    • Tonality and harmony
      • Piece is atonal.
      • It uses lots of dissonant harmonies.
      • The chords and melodies are built up from HEXACHORDS.


Samuel Richardson


This mindmap gives a great analytical overview of 'Peripertie' by Shoenberg.  



when i placed some of the answers like " section a" in, it said they were wrong because it wasnt the one with a capital A when and there is no "section a" option with a capital, then zoomed out the disappeared and theres no way that i have found around. Not very helpful when the answers disappear???!!!!???

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