Arms race delivery systems and technological development

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  • Arms race delivery systems and technological development
    • Technological developments
      • Atomic Bomb USA- 1945 USSR- 1949
        • UN attempted to control bomb production through the Baruch Plan- 1946, but was rejected by the USSR as they felt the UN was virtually run by the USA
      • Hydrogen Bomb      USA-1952 USSR- 1953
        • USSR lithium bomb was more powerful and didn't need refrigerating
          • USA tested own lithium bomb in 1954- thermonuclear age had arrived and the race was on to improve delivery
      • Space Race
        • Sputnik launch 1957
        • USSR launch first satellite (Explorer 1) in 1958
        • Sputnik 2 launch 1957- Laika into space
        • Yuri Gagarin into space- 1961
    • Delivery Systems
      • Bomber aircraft US- B52 Stratofortress and the Soviet Tu-20 Bear
        • both slow and vulnerable to being shot down
      • ICBM USSR- launched first ICBM in 1957 USA- first operational ICBM (Atlas) in 1958
      • SLBM- US develop in 1960 and USSR follow just 40 days later
        • After the development of SLBMs both have guaranteed 2nd strike capability
      • 1962 the USA had 4000 missile warheads and the USSR 220


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