Arms Race

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  • Arms Race
    • Atomic bomb
      • US 6 Aug 1945 Hiroshima
        • Triggered nuclear arms race (40 years)
        • Stalin wanted a similar weapon to be built
          • 1949 made their first atomic bomb
            • US 1952 Hydrogen bomb
              • USSR 6 months hydrogen bomb
    • Ballistic missiles
      • USSR 1958 ICBM
        • Radar
          • Caused panic in US
            • Fallen behind
              • Deficiencies in education system
              • Eisenhower accused
                • CIA had photographic evidence (U2 planes) flying at high altitudes over soviet air space
            • 1960 US 295 ICBM
              • 120 more than USSR
    • Both powers understood that a nuclear war would lead to the end of mankind
      • Hoped having enough firepower to destroy opponent would reduce chances of the weapons being used
      • Eisenhower made it clear that if the vet's allies attacked the US that they will be met with mass retaliation
        • Every available weapon will be used against them
          • Mutually assured destruction
            • Anti-ballistic missile treaty 1972


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