Geography Arid- Key question 3

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  • Arid Environments Ways in which semi-arid/arid environments create opportunities and challenges
    • Australia rich in gold ore, uranium, titanium ect, for mining
      • Environ- Open cast mining= visual impact. Prominant hill 1km wide 50m deep.
      • Environ- Water from damn supplying Olympic dam mine over used. Places like River Eyre endanagered.
    • Olympic dam employed 3000 people, company has contributed to south Australian government $45 million
      • Envrion- Berverly mines, leaching method to extract ore caused acids to seep into ground water. Weeds colonise site. Waste contaminatess.
    • Roxby downs has had improvement in services.
      • Economic- house prices went up
    • Aboriginal groups get rent from people mining on their land. Also tracks made by trucks enable them to go to remote areas for hunting.
      • Disputes over legal ownership of mines.
        • Social- Water used for olympic mine endangered sacred lakes.
    • Thar desert  in India is densely populated. Lots of rain in monsoon. Has grasslands for livestock.
      • Environ-Overgrazing, has caused wind erosion of plains. Trampling caused runoff.
    • trees shrubs used for building material.
      • Enron- caused deforesstation. reduced nutrients in the soil. Depleting nitrates.
    • Valley of the kings has tombs on west bank of the Nile for tourism.
      • Environ- Breath of people increasing humidity and plaster peels off walls. Touching also causes damaged.
    • Grow sugar cane along Nile banks.
      • Environ- Problems with the water table. saline water evaporates and salt crystals grow in tombs damaging paintings. 1990 cracks appeared in tombs.


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