Arguments for and against the death penalty

This mindmap shows the arguments for and against the death penalty

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  • Arguments for and against the death penalty
    • For
      • It is the most effective deterrent
      • The woman caught in the adultery had not committed murder. Jesus' verdict on a murderer may have been different
      • A second chance is not deserved - the victim doesn't have one
      • Forensic science means a wrong execution is unlikey
      • Justice-'an eye for an eye'-a murderer forfeits his or her own life
      • It provides absolute protection for society
      • It shows love for the victims of serious crime
    • Against
      • Many murderers are not a danger to society as a whole
      • Evidence from the USA shows it does not deter others
      • The offender has no chance to reform, and become a useful citizen
      • It does not show love for one's neighbour or for enemies
      • When Jesus was asked to stone the woman he gave her a second chance
      • The 'eye for an eye' mentality encourages revenge-Jesus asked God to forgive those who killed him
      • Innocent people have been executed


Miss KHP


Good mind map on the for/against the death penalty.

For AQA, but can also be used by other exam boards in the ethics section of the exam.

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