Arguments Against God's Existence

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  • Arguments Against God's Existence
    • Big Bang
      • Evidence
        • Cosmic microwave background radiation detected
        • Speed at which galaxies move away from us can be physically measured
      • No evidence for God
      • We automatically look for a creator/ designer but does there have to be one?
      • Whose to say God did not create the big bang in the form of Noah's Ark and the 6 day creation?
    • Evolution and Natural Selection
      • Evidence that animals evolve and have changed since the time God created the Earth
      • He created a 'perfect world' so why would he be the one to change life?
      • This is just evidence that God had no power in animals evolving so how can he be real?
    • Unanswered Prayers
      • If God was omnipotent and Omni-benevolent, he would reply to people's prayers
      • If he cared, he would show it- yet he doesn't
    • Evil and Suffering
      • Inconsistent Triad
        • God is supposed to be omnipotent and Omni-benevolent but how can he be if suffering exists?
        • Surely he can put an end to evil if he is omnipotent?
        • He is Omni-benevolent so has the kindness to know that evil is harmful


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