Artificial things

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  • artificial things
    • dancers
      • disabled and able bodied
      • two men two women
    • performance
      • lighting
        • focus in on one or two spots
        • cool side lighting, warm wash in the middle.
        • final solo has a spot
      • staging/set
        • virine on its side
        • paper snow on the ground to downstage right
        • two stools and a headless manikin
      • aural setting
        • cold, ambient sound
        • used effects such as paper and people walking through the snow
        • elemets of the sunshine of youre smile are mixed in until the full virson plays at the end
      • costume
        • wash of blue and green, paint running from cloths
        • jakets and jumpers are romoved
        • women wear dress or top and trousers
    • structure
      • three scenes, we only see the last one
      • group uses ground based contact work, while moving the wheel chair.
      • react family portrate
      • david has a final solo
    • features of making
      • stimulus
        • snow urban covered landscape
        • isolated figure on a wheelchair, being gazed upon
        • paintings by Goran Djorovic
        • personal experiances
      • intention
        • comming to terms with life's limitations
        • the gaze of the other, within confinements
        • the characters find a resolution, by going together
        • sorrender to the fact they have to life with individual regrets


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