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  • Are Larkin and Bennet's characters at the mercy of outside forces?
    • Confines of fate and inevitability
    • Confines of society
    • Alternative point of view- glimmers of hope prevalent
      • Dakin defines his own destiny (Oxbridge, yuppie)
      • Even Hector hints that one can do good in the world even in small ways and take control of one's destiny
        • Suggestion that by spreading Hector's passion for learning (symbolized by the 'parcel') one can do good
        • Surreal quality not unlike the tone present in Larkin's poems- flicker of hope and optimism defying a completely fatalistic view of human life 'at the mercy of outside forces'
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      • History Boys ends with Hector warmly advising boys to 'pass the parcel/not for you, not for me; but for someone, someday'
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