Are sects short lived?

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  • Are sects short lived?
    • Yes- Neibuhr
    • No- Aldridge
    • sects will completely disappear/ become denominations
    • When chlidren are born into a sect, theyre unable to sustain the fervour of the first generation
    • When charismatic leader dies, charisma no longer holds sect together- buerocratic leadership
    • Ideological can ruin itself as they become socially mobile/ acceptable
    • sects have exsisted for a long time, strong features
    • eg/ quakers- become denomination. Heaven gate- ideology led to mass suicide. Peoples temple- mass suicide
    • many successfully socialise children
    • not all sects depend on charismatic leader
    • beliefs can survive past a single generation
    • jehovas witnesses- socialise children, no leader. scientology- leader died, carried on. moonies-still going despite death


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