Scene 1

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  • Arcadia: Act 1
    • Scene 2
      • Characters:      Chloe          Bernard       Valentine       Hannah
      • Bernard arrives looking for Hannah
        • Chloe fills him in on Sidley Park and goes to find Hannah
          • Hannah is writing a History of the garden
        • Bernard realizes who Hannah is and that he wrote a bad review about her book
          • Asks Chloe not to tell Hannah his real last name, wants to surprise Hannah
            • Chloe calls him Bernard Peacock instead of Nightingale
      • Confusion when Valnetine tells Bernard hes looking for the game book in the commode
        • Commode can = toilet
      • Bernard and Valentine discuss Hannahs new book and how they met before at a mathematical conference
      • Hannahs book = 'Caro' about Caroline Lamb
      • Bernard explains to Hannah that he is looking for clues after finding a copy of 'The Couch of Eros' Chater inscribed to Septimus
        • Chater the poet has nearly been forgotten and the only other Chater of the period is a botanist who died from a monkey bite
        • The copy belonged to Lord Byron at one point and was used to write a book review in the Piccadilly
        • Bernard excited about the 3 papers in the book discussing a duel
          • Believes it took place and Byron killed Chater
      • Hannah asks for Bernards University and remembers a Mr Nightingale
      • Hannah explains that there are no records of Chater
      • Hannah fascinated by the hermit and shows Bernard Thomasinas drawing in Noakes Landscape book
      • Bernard brings up Byron wondering if he appeared in Croom family papers
        • Bernard wishes to look through the papers but Hannah wont let him
      • Chloe calls Bernard Mr Nightingale alerting Hannah to his true identity
        • Hannah is annoyed but Bernard thinks if they work together they can taken down the Byron sholar crowd
      • Hannah states Byron and Septimus went to school together
      • Chloe wants to set Hannah up with Bernard for the Costume Ball but Hannah says no
        • Chloe jokes about Gus being pleased because he loves Hannah
    • Scene 1
      • Characters: Septimus Thomasina Jellaby Chater Noakes   Lady Croom Captain Brice
      • Thomasina and Septimus discuss carnal embrace
        • "throwing one's arms around a side of beef"/sex
        • Mrs Chater seen in 'carnal embrace' with Septimus in the gazebo by Noakes
      • April 1809
      • Thomasina working on Fermat's Last Theorem
      • Septimus reading Chaters poem
      • Septimus invited to join Chater in the gun room
      • Thomasina talks of stirring jam into rice pudding - cannot be unmixed
      • Thomasina has a new idea but Septimus dismisses it
        • If you could know for an instant what all the atoms in the universe were doing you could write an equation to predict the future
          • Septimus wrong to dismiss, Thomasina is the first to have thought this
      • Chater wants to duel with Septimus over 'gazebo' incident
        • Septimus distracts him by praising his poem
          • Chater believes Mrs Chater slept with Septimus so he would give Chater a good review
      • Lady Crooms "On,no! Not the gazebo!" causes confusion
        • Septimus thinks shes talking of his carnal embrace
          • Actually talking about Noakes' plans to change the garden
            • Replacing the gazebo with a hermitage
          • Thomasina speaks of this again worrying her mother in regards to Septimus
      • Thomasina gives Septimus a note from Mrs Chater
        • Septimus puts this inside the book he's reading by Chater -  'The Couch of Eros'


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