Arcadia: Act 1 Scene 3-4

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  • Arcadia: Act 1
    • Scene 3
      • Characters: Septimus Thomasina Jellaby Captain Brice  Chater  Lady Croom
      • Thomasina working on Latin while Septimus eats an apple
      • Thomasina suspects that her mother lovesByron
        • Saw them in the gazebo together reading poetry
      • Septimus gives Thomasina's math work an A -
        • Because she went beyond the task set
        • Thomasina discovers that the same process would allow a person to chart natural objects
          • Intends to graph the shape of the apple leaf Septimus left
      • Thomasina and Septimus talk of Cleopatra
        • Discuss the loss of irreplaceable texts
          • Septimus believes nothing is truly lost they will always be discovered or written again
      • Septimus reads Thomasina's Latin assignment fluently
        • Thomasina realises hes cheating because he already knows the text in English, angering her
      • Captain Brice and Chater confront Spetimus
        • Chater states that if Septimus wants to talk to him he must speak through Brice
          • Becomes confusing but they speak of a duel, Lady Croom interrupts
            • Septimus agrees to duel
              • Also insults Brice so fits him in for a duel after Chater
      • Lady Croom takes Septimus' copy of 'The Couch of Eros'
      • Lady Croom tells Septimus to borrow Byron's pistols so he cannot go off and travel Europe
        • Also comments on Thomasina' terrible piano playing
    • Scene 4
      • Hannah reads the note written in Thomasina's math book to Valentine
        • A similar note to the one written by Fermat
        • Thomasina has been graphing the same formula on different scales
          • She calls it the New Geometry of Irregular Forms
            • Valentine tells Hannah Thomasina could have used her technique to draw... the apple leaf that is coincidently on the table
          • Valentine realises she is using the result as her starting point which is an iterated algorithm
            • The same thing Valentine is doing with grouse
              • Valentine is looking at population change by using sidley parks game shooting records
      • Characters: Valentine Hannah  Bernard
      • Bernard finds a handwritten verse in Byrons copy of English Bards and Scotch Reviewers
        • Hannah notes however that it is not Byrons handwriting
      • Hannah discovers a letter from Lady Croom in 1810 mentioning her husbands marriage to Mrs Chater
        • Meaning Mr Chater was dead by 1810
      • Bernard convinced Byron killed Chater in a duel
        • Hannah states hes jumping to conclusions, there is no evidence to prove he was at Sidley Park
          • Valentine has proof - Byron was mentioned in a game book
      • Valentine and Hannah discuss that it would have took decades for Thomasina to complete her method, that computers can now complete in seconds
        • Valentine states only a madman would take up such a project by hand
      • The sounds of a pistol is heard - dawn


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