Pollution Management - approaches

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  • Approaches to pollution management
    • Change human activities
      • reduce volume of waste which ends up in landfills
      • cut down amount of raw materials needed for manufacture of new products
      • make recycling convenient for consumer
    • Regulate and reduce quantities of pollutants released at the point of emission
      • have measures for extracting the pollutant from the waste emission
      • Flue gas treatment (FGT) = process of removing pollutants from waste incinerators
        • expensive
        • difficult to enforce such measures in the unregulated part of the economy
    • Cleaning up the pollutant and restoring ecosystem
      • expensive process (both time and money wise)
      • natural condition = bacteria take time to break down pollutants before ecosystem recovers through secondary succession
    • integration of polices
      • pollution management schemes will employ aspects of each three approches
        • unrealistic to expect human activities to cease to pollute the environment
        • if pollution source is captured = cheaper in the long term = they will not have polluted the environment = no need for cleaning up
          • cleaning up is necessary but it is least effective


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