Approaches to staffing & recruitment

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  • Approaches to staffing & recruitment
    • Staff are an asset as they are valuable & skilled
      • This makes them valuable & can make them become more efficient & productive. They're likely to care out the business & work well with customers
    • Staff are a cost/ liability as pay can be min wage or 0 hour contract
      • Some businesses prefer to outsource for production as it can have love wage rates
    • Multi-skilling
      • Staff absence easily covered
      • Business becomes more flexible
      • Employees may find jobs less tedious/ repetitive
    • Outsourcing
      • Business can take advt of specialised knowledge of the other company
      • Allows them to concentrate on what they do best & leave other aspects to somebody else
      • Usually means they can reduce labour costs
      • Main disadvantage is business may not have control over quality of outsourced work
    • Dismissal- worker is told to leave work due to unsatisfactory behaviour
    • Redundancy- when a worker's told to leave the job as their skills are no longer of use to the organisation
    • Trade Unions- exist to represent employees in situations where group actions more effective than an individual can be
    • Labour Turnover- measures the rate staff leave the business


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