Wundt, Approaches in Psychology

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  • Wundt (1879)
    • he defined psychology as the science of conciousnessand he believed that psychology should focus on the immediate experience
    • he emphasised a technique called 'introspection'. it is where you examine and report on persons own mental processes.
    • he claims conciousness is made up of many elements.
    • he asked people about what experiences feel like and asked them about their feelings.
    • Evaluation
      • his work is largely praised for its emphasis on precise measurements taken from stimulus also his detailed recordings
      • however, he relied too much on unobservable responses e.g. memory & perception
      • subjective, varied greatly from person to person, so it is hard to establish general principles
        • criticisms came from John Watson
      • Wundt's introspection approach ultimately failed because of its lack of reliability of his methods, as other introspective results didn't produce the same results within other lab conditions


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