Approaches - Cognitive

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  • Approaches - Cognitive
    • Assumptions
      • Believes that internal mental processes in the brain can and should be studied scientifically. E,g memory, perception and thinking
      • These areas are private, we cannot access them) therefore, psychologist need to be inferences based on behaviors
    • Theoretical and computer models
      • We can study internal mental processes through theoretic models e.g. Information processing approach, which believes information flows in sequences stages (input, storage and relative)
        • Similar to computer models such coding, use of stores
    • role of schema
      • Are packages of ideas and information developed through experiences.
      • Babies's schema are simple motor schema for innate behaviors e.g. sucking and grasping
      • Adult's schema are more detailed and sophisticated
    • Neuroscience
      • Is the scientific study if influence of brain structure on mental process. In 1860s Broca found damage to the frontal lobe could permanently impair speech productions. In the late 20 years advancement into brain scamming such as PETS fMRI. Theses are used to computer=generate designed to 'read' the brain - techie called brain finger printing
  • Evaluation
    • A strength of the cognitive approach is that it contains scientific and objective methods. The approach employs highly controlled and rigorous methods to enable researchers to infer cognitive processes at work. Which involves lab experiment to product reliable, objective data.
    • However, the approach ignores influence of human emotion and motivation on the cognitive system and ho it could impact our ability to process information. Research found that human memory could be affected by anxiety in eyewitness testimony.
      • A weakness is the application to real-life, as psychology is only able to infer mental processes from behaviors, as a consequence research to too abstract and theoretical. Therefore, research of experimental are often using artificial stimuli which may not represent everyday money experiences. Which causes research to lack external validity.


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