Applying the DTM to LEDC's and MEDC's

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  • Applying the DTM to MEDC's and LEDC's
    • MEDC's
      • MEDC's have passed through stages 1,2 and 3.
        • They have low BR and DR, long life expectancies and slow population growth.
        • In stages 2  and 3 rapid population growth along with industrial growth has changed countries from LEDC's to MEDC's
      • Most MEDC's are in stage 5 - Italy and Germany - and have ageing populations.
        • BR is lower than DR causing the population to shrink.
      • Being in stage 5 can cause problems for a country.
        • 1) There are few children to replace the old workforce. causing economy to slow down and stop growing.
        • 2) A smaller population means a reduction in spending which could also cause the economy problems.
        • 3) There are fewer tax payers therefore there is less money for services.
          • This is worsened by the increasing cost of looking after the ageing population and more money is needed for pensions and health services.
    • LEDC's
      • Most LEDC's are in stages 2 or 3.
        • 2.Afghanistan 3. India
      • Lots of countries entered stage 2 in the 1950's
        • Improved healthcare and sanitation led to decrease in DR while BR remains high.
        • Many countries don't have the resources to cope with a growing population.
      • Some former countries like Taiwan have moved into stage 3.
        • NIC's - Newly Industrialised Countries.
        • Death rate is still falling leading to increased population size.
        • Some countries have introduced government policies to limit population  growth and reduce BR.


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