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  • Apple
    • Culture
      • Innovation
      • Distinctive
      • Think Different
        • Stragey
          • Understanding the customers rather than analysing the market at present
    • Leadership
      • Steve Jobs
        • Personal computer
        • He is a transformational leader, meaning he is passionate and enthusiastic about what he does. He creates visions and injects energy and motivation into his team.
        • His is an autocratic style...he always thinks what he do is right. He is an unassuming and down-to-earth leader who was not too bossy in his managerial style. He understood clearly the need for good PR.
        • Saved Apple
      • Tim cook
        • "Tim's 13 years of service to Apple have been marked by outstanding performance, and he has demonstrated remarkable talent and sound judgment in everything he does."
        • Reads customer emails and walks around stores
    • Stragey
      • Understanding the customers rather than analysing the market at present
    • Technical change
      • 1976-1980 Assembled circuit board.
        • 1984 First Macintosh
          • The Macintosh Portable was introduced in 1989 but it weighted too much and they had a short decline where they struggled to properly target the customers
            • 1998 - Imac
              • 2005-7 Transfer to intel
                • 2007 - introduction to IPOD touch and iphone the IPAD
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
      • Chinese government has intensified a co-ordinated public campaign against Apple, slamming the technology group as “dishonest”, “greedy” and “incomparably arrogant” and threatening regulatory action if the US company does not improve its after-sales service policies.
      • Following several campaigns (for example, Green my Apple) Apple has made their products greener.
        • Recently, the new notebook line removed many toxins and improved the products battery life and recharge cycles.
      • Concerned about working conditions in china


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