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  • Appeasement
    • Neville Chamberlain
    • Britain leaders may have felt that they had no option but to appease Hitler
    • For Appeasement
      • Hitler standing up to communism
        • Concerned about spread of communism
        • And dangers to world peace posed by Stalin - USSR
      • Attitude of British Empire
        • Not certain all BE would support war against Germany
      • USA will not support if stand up to Hitler
        • Determined not to be dragged into war
      • Hitler is right - ToV is unfair
        • Assumed once wrongs put right Germany would become peaceful nation
      • Wanted to avoid war
      • Armed forces not ready for war against Germany
      • Own economic problems higher priority
        • BR and Fr suffering from problems from depression
        • Large debts and high unemployment
    • Against appeasement
      • Encouraged Hitler to be aggressive - get away with and take bigger risks
      • Put too much trust in Hitlers promises
      • Allowed Germany to grow too strong, more powerful than Br and Fr
      • Scared the USSR
        • Hitler made no secret plans to expand eastwards
        • Send message to soviet that Br and Fr wouldn't stand in way of Germany


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