Build up to war - Appeasement

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  • Appeasement
    • Why were so many people in favour?
      • "At least Hitler is standing up to Communism"
        • Britain were more concerned about Communism and Hitler seemed to be able to stop it
      • "The USA will not support us if we stand up to Hitler"
        • American leaders were determined not to be dragged into another war
          • Could Britain and her allies face up to Germany without the garuntee of American support?
      • The attitude of the British Empire
        • It was not certain that the British Empire and Commonwealth states would support a war against Germany
      • "We must not repeat the horrors of the Great War"
        • Leaders still remembered the horrific experiences of the WW1, they wished to avoid another war at all costs
      • "Britain is not ready for war"
        • The British Government believed that Britain was not ready for a war against Hitler
      • "Our own economic problems are a higher priority"
        • Britain and France were still suffering from the effects of the Depression
      • "Hitler is right - the Treaty of Versailles is unfair"
        • People assumed that once the wrongs from the Treaty were put right, Germany would become a peaceful nation again
    • With the benefit of hindsight why was it bad?
      • It encouraged Hitler to be agressive
        • Each gamble Hitler got away with encouraged him to take an even bigger risk
      • It allowed Germany to grow too strong
        • Germany was not only recovering lost ground, it was becoming much more powerful than Britain or France
      • It scared the USSR
        • Hitler made no secret plans to expand eastwards. It sent the message that Britain and France would not stand in his way
      • It put too much trust in Hitler's promises
        • It was based on the idea that Hitler was trustworthy, but he often went back on his promises
    • Giving Hitler what he wanted


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