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  • Appeasement
    • Believing that Hitler's claims were REASONABLE.
    • Believing that if we gave in to Hitler's reasonable demands he would stop when they were fulfilled.
    • Britain gained time to build up her armed forces
      • But so did Hitler :-(
    • Hitler decided that Britain and France were afraid of him so would not stop him whatever he did.
      • Historians have suggested that in this way appeasement ENCOURAGED Hitler to start WWII
    • Russia decided that Britain and France were never going to stand up to Hitler, and that war with Germany was inevitable.
      • Led to the signing of the Nazi Soviet Pact
    • British people realised they had been duped and decided that war was inevitable.
      • Also improved the morale of the British, who knew they had done everything possible to avoid war.
  • Timeline
    • 1933
      • Prime Minister McDonald ignored German rearmament.
    • 1935
      • Prime mininstr Baldwin ignored Hitler's introduction of conscription.
    • 7th March 1936
      • Baldwin ignored the reoccuptation of the Rhineland.
    • April 1938
      • Chamberlain did nothing about Anschluss
    • March 1938
      • Chamberlain GAVE Hitler the Sudetenland at Munich.


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