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  • Appeasement
    • Reasons for Appeasement
      • WW1 was still fresh in peoples mind and after nearly 17 million deaths people wanted to avoid war as much as possible - so Chamberlain was giving the people what they want
      • People belived Hitler when he said he was a peaceful man
      • Some people in Britain believed that the Treaty of Versaille was unfair on Germany and so thought it was only fair to let him take back what was his
      • After WW1 and the Great Depression, Britain nneded time to rearm
      • Most countries feared the rise of communism, they feared the rise of Starlin than the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany. They belived if they had a strong Germany on their side they would be able to
    • reasons against Appeasement
      • People belived Hitler when he said he was a 'peaceful man' however in the 20s he said the only way to make Germany great again was through violence
      • Appeasement encouraged Hitler to be agressive as the more he was give the more he thought he could take.
      • The more Hitler demandied the more his was given and that lead to Germany growing stronger and harder to defeat.
      • Hitler was determined to conquer eastern Europe and Appeasement helped him do so.
      • Appeasement scared the USSR as they thought that if Germany did invade USSR Britain and France would help them and this forced the USSR to sign an agreement with Germany making Germany even more powerful
    • Neville Chamberlain's policy of giving things up to please other people, so Chamberlain kepping giving Hitler what he wanted to avoid war
    • Results of Appeasement
      • Britain gained a year to build up its armed forces, but so did Hitler.led
      • It showed that Britain and France were afraid of Hitler and would not step in to stop him, no matter what he did.
      • The policy of Appeasement left Britain humliated
      • It left millions of people under the Nazi's brutal rule


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