Appeal of Republicanism after the First World War

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  • Appeal of Republicanism Post-war in America
    • The return to 'normalcy'.
      • WASP's (White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant's) saw 'normalcy' as a return to things that had been before the war.
        • Whereas blacks hoped 'normalcy' would decrease inequality.
    • Isolationism
      • This was a policy introduced by the Republican party so America could be supportive of other nations, but not to get entangled with their issues.
        • This is a main factor why America did not join the League of Nations as well as not setting up colonies
    • Laissez-faire policy
      • The idea of the policy was to have 'less government in business and more business in government'.
      • Laissez-faire means the policy of leaving things to take their own course, without interfering
    • The First Red Scare
      • The event was trigged by the Russian Communist revolution.
        • This made many capitalist Americans disturbed, especially when large amounts of workers in the US went on strike.
      • As result of the communist revoultion in Russia, the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) as well as the Communist Labor Party (CLP) were set up.
      • Anarchists distributed pamphalets in many cities, urging for a revolution.
      • 'Red-hunting' broke out as a result of people accussing each other of being communist.
      • Ati-communist feelings escalated. Some businesses sacked employees of possible left-wing views.
        • UntitleIn some parts of America there was considerable violence from groups such as the KKK. They targeted any groups they considered were 'Un-American'


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