Apparent Failure

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  • Apparent Failure
    • Layout
      • 'Each on his copper couch, they lay' alliteration, present verbs, satire on viewer waiting for something to happen
      • 'Poor me, God made, and all for that!'
        • simple, monosyllabic language, gentle like Prospice- 'I shall clasp thee again'
      • 'Its wiser- Its safer- IT's fitter' repetition like in Two in Campa, LARuins
    • Rhythm
      • Alternating rhyme, rhyming couplet, finality, appropriate for death
        • Imabic tetremeter, regular, similar length of lines, iambic, calm, walking, strolling, contrast to the anger
    • Imagery
      • dead, past, sad
        • Importance of life, focus on death but different attitude about it- Bishops. Reminded us of death, we will die, cultural now we feel less comfortable with it, Browning seem comfortable. It's a taboo, strange grotesque, Browning often addressed this
    • Context
      • June 14th 1856 Empora Napleon's son got Christained. Browning went to this, he took a look at the morgue on the way home
        • 'We shall soon lose a celebrated building' Morgue was meant to be torn down, it was a tourists attraction, people who committed suicide get brought there. THe building is prettified.
          • Bodies would've been naked except groin, constant stream of water over them, stone covered in brass tables bodies on top of them
            • originally saluter house now looks like Greek temple, opposite  to LARuins?
          • suicide would have been considered a sin
    • Character
      • 'I passed through PAris, stopped a day' personal like LL, Prospice
        • 'So sauntered till- what met my eyes?' voyeurism, defending himself, the morgue struck his attention he wasn't looing for gore and excitement, he isn't gawping, pleasant walk, tourism, thought popped into his head to lok at morgue
          • Disrescpect of people gawping over dead people, weird mixture between fantasy, imagining what the bodies did, and fact
      • 'Petrarch's Vaucluse makes proud the Sorgue'
        • Italian writer, Sorgue is a river Petrach made Vauclause famous as margue's made Seine
      • he is proud, 'Let them! No Briton;s to be balked!, proud like Bishops.
      • 3rd stanza seems quietened , 'A screen of glass, we're thankful for;', shows he is not perfectly comfortable at this moment
      • 'That what began best, can't end worst, Nor what God blessed once, prove accurst'
        • his attiude is that God made us blessed he can't see how these dead bodies could be the end
    • 'The dead- house where you show your drowned:'
      • deliberately shocking, d sounds are strong
    • 'I thought, and think, their sin's atoned.'
      • he is begin forward thinking, he is saying they should be forgiven
        • '-poor fellow' sympathy
    • 'Oh, women were the prize for you!; It is as if he is talking to dead people, going on an imaginative journey like LL he uses dead poets like they re on his side, 'Shelley', and in PL
    • 'My own hep is, a sun will pierce The thickest cloud earth ever stretched;'
      • Illumination/revealation imagery of Heaven, salvation, light and dark imagery. Is the thickest cloud death? showing it's not the end, Christaining in the end, life & death a circle, links to RPospice


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