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  • Anxiety and Arousal
    • Imagery
      • Picture yourself doing a task before you preform it, e.g seeing the ball go over the rugby posts before you actually kick it
      • PMR
        • contract and relax all the muscles throughout the body releasing tension
      • Breathing techniques
        • taking deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.
    • Drive Theory
      • The higher your arousal the better your performance.
      • The inverted U theory
        • The higher your arousal the better you preform. until you get over aroused and performance will decrease
      • The Catastrophe Theory
        • The higher your arousal the higher your performance, until you get too aroused and your performance drops drastically
      • Reversal Theory
        • When you feel worried or scared you can reverse these thoughts and make them positive, causing higher preformance
    • State
      • State is how anxious you are in different situations
      • Trait
        • How you generally are, how your born
      • somatic
        • How you physically feel e.g. butterflies, sick
      • Cognitive
        • How you mentally feel e.g. scared, worried


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